SmartSSDs powered by Xilinx (May 2021)

Turbocharge Spark with Samsung SmartSSDs powered by Xilinx - May 2021

Data & AI Summit 2021

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Bigstream delivered 2 talks at this years Summit, Turbocharge Spark with Samsung SmartSSDs powered by Xilinx , and Choose Your Weapon: Comparing Spark and FPGAs vs GPUs.


Computational storage devices like the Samsung SmartSSD® with Xilinx FPGAs offer an attractive vehicle to accelerate algorithms such as compression, video transcoding, and search. Today, Samsung, Xilinx, and Bigstream have further pioneered an approach to seamlessly accelerate the Spark platform on these devices, yielding an impressive 2x-8x performance gain with zero user code changes.

Attendees will learn about the technical approach taken by Bigstream middleware to accelerate Apache Spark on the platform. Finally, we present performance results for the solution using the TPC-DS benchmark suite and discuss the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings this level of performance can offer the Spark user.



Steve Tuohy

Head of Marketing, Bigstream

Steve runs the marketing organization at Bigstream and also works extensively on broader go-to-market efforts. Steve has had leadership roles in the data management industry at Alation and Cloudera as well as hardware companies Cisco Systems and StorageTek (Sun Microsystems). He holds a BA in economics and political science from the University of Michigan and an MBA in marketing and finance from Chicago Booth.



Seong Kim

Sr Director, Xilinx

Seong Kim, Ph.D., leads Xilinx’s system architecture team with a focus on machine learning, video, video analytics, database, SmartNIC, network security, and storage. Prior to his tenure at Xilinx, Kim held system architecture and technical marketing positions at AMD, LSI Corp, and Agere. Kim received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and an MBA in marketing and finance from Lehigh University.


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